The Oracle in Love is out now and it's free!!

If you enjoyed The Diary of a Late Bloomer, you might like to read this novelette based on Joan, The Flying Octopi's Oracle and her search for love.

You can get it free here and as an added bonus there are other free stories that you might enjoy as well =)

I hope you enjoy it!!

Y.A. Books to read or reread during Halloween

In my previous blog post, I wrote about reading Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone, after taking my time I finally finished it. It was soo hard not to read it in one sitting or rather through a whole night, but I managed to pace myself.

What I discovered in the book was such a magical world with really interesting characters. I could see why it's still a top seller. I will do a proper review on it at a later date but for now, I added it to a shortlist of books that I think are worth reading or rereading during the month of October. Sometimes rereading books can give us a new appreciation for them.

<---Here is the list I came up with

Isn't there is something special about cuddling up to read a story filled with magic and drinking a warm drink during the Halloween season?

I'm always looking for more fun books that have magic in them, do you have any recommendations? 

My Quest to become a Best Selling Author Quest Progress Report (September)

 I don't have much to report on in terms of sales =/ There haven't been any, but I'm coming to terms with the challenge of selling a novel. On more exciting news I'm almost done with my reader magnet, The Oracle in Love, which is a short story featuring Joan from The Diary of a Late Bloomer. I'm hoping to be putting up everywhere over the weekend. YAY!!!

Over the weekend I "attended" the Savvy Authors Writers Convention and I took a webinar on Shameless Self-promoting. It had many great tips- one of which was social media. The teacher stressed the importance of having and engaging in social media which made me realize that I have to take the nose dive into being social πŸ˜‚ Since I'm one of those people who likes to go big, I'm going to create an author page on Facebook, an Instagram account and a YouTube channel (not sure what it will be about, but I already put some poetry up). I'm sort of excited about Instagram because I wanted to do a photography challenge (I have this weird thing about doing challenges).

I'm not sure if having a social media will really make a difference but it's worth a try. That's it for now. I hope next month to have a better progress report.


One of the reasons I love being a writer!

 So I'm currently writing The Faerie Key, which is an urban fantasy/ romance. Currently I'm about one third of the way done, but I got a bit stuck. There are a few ways I play in order to get unstuck, one of them is to read books (yay!) but not just any books, they have to be best sellers. And that's why I am currently reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

 I will be honest, previously I only read the last three books of the series, so I am super excited to be reading the first book (the one that started it all). It starts off slower than I thought, but it still has good pacing.

My hope is to learn a lot from it and to also enjoy reading it. The only struggle will be to read it slowly and not devour it like I love to do, hehehe. I'm really glad that consuming stories is not fattening otherwise I might gain more than the 10 lbs I did during the quarantine =) 

I might do a short story fan-fiction of Harry Potter, what do you think, would you be interested?

My Quest to become a Best Selling Author Quest Progress Report (Mid-August)

 I'm beginning to think I might be one of those parents who thinks their kid is the cutest, only discover that the world doesn't agree. My novel isn't selling. It has over 100,000 impressions on the Kindle ad campaign and only 16 clicks. Doubts are starting to bubble in my head, maybe I should just give up on promoting my novel?

At what point do you call it quits? I don't actually know.

I'm continuing to write because I well that's what I love to do. It's funny to say but I have a block-log of of stories I want to write. So I'm not giving up on my quest, but rather accepting that The Diary of a Late Bloomer might not sell and I'm okay with that. I loved getting to know Lo, and her family, Nick, Martin, Jackson, Joan, Britney and Alina. It was fun writing Lo story and I think those few who read it will enjoy it.
All that said I'm not sure I'm ready to give up on Lo. I know she wouldn't give up without a fight so I hope in my next update to have a great plan of attack for how to promote The Dairy of a Late Bloomer. Until then let me know if you have any tips or ideas.

On an update to my previous idea, I have finished my reader magnet short story, The Oracle In Love. It is currently being read over by my editor (aka boyfriend,hehe) and I will be putting it up soon πŸ˜†

A little fun for my fellow addicts...


Read-a-thon Weekend


It happened again, I spent the whole weekend reading πŸ˜‚ Like always, it started out with one innocent novel, an Amish Christmas Romance, but I wanted to know what happened to the other characters introduced in the novel. Down the rabbit hole I went.

 I don't regret it though since I enjoyed the stories and plan to review them. Plus, I  found new authors to read (the books had two novels inside =).

Although it is a bit early for Christmas, where I live is super hot and I needed to be transported to a colder location, even if just while I read. And Christmas is one of my favorite holidays so I got to have a lot of fun.

I'm also contemplating writing a short story or novellete that has a Christmas focus. Would you be interested in that?


A Little Fun for Readers

My Quest to become a Best Selling Author Quest Progress Report (First Week of August)

I sold two books!!!! It may not sound like much but I'm really happy about it. One sale came from the Kindle ads I'm running (I spent more than I earned but I'm still learning) and the other from Scribd.

Aside from using Kindle ads, I found a new site called StoryOrigin. It allows you to team up with other authors to create a sale or giveaway.

Here are the three sales I joined:

Beach Reads are Best:

Contemporary Realistic YA/NA Book Promo:

End of Summer Sale:

I'm excited to use StoryOrigins to promote my book but I'm also hoping to find new readers. It is hard to reach people (I guess that's why we have social media) but I like the idea of using new and different  ways to connect to potential readers. I'll keep a look out for new places to try and share them here.

Being on this quest made me realize that promoting new authors is important. So I'm going to try to read at least one novel a month from an Indie author who is also starting out like me and do I review. It may not be much, but I want to help other newbie authors.

As for entering the world of social media, I still haven't decided which one to join. Instagram is winning, but I wish to find another one. We shall see which one I choose. Any suggestions?

Questions of the Week: Are there any Indie authors you recommend? How did you find out about them?

A little random fun for introverts

My Quest to become a Best-selling author- Progress Report (Last Week of July)

Today I started a little experiment using Amazon ads to promote my novel. This may sound completely obvious, but in order for people to buy my novel they have to know about it. It was duh! apparent but somehow I missed the connection. I often do that until life flicks me in the forehead enough that it all becomes clear.

I will report weekly how the experiment is going, but right off the bat, I'm fascinated by how many impression the ad gets. Sometimes I forget that there are so many people in the world, but watching the numbers grow hints at that truth.

Knowing that I need to get my novel out there has also shifted my perspective on social media. I might have to do it. Even though as an introvert, I find the task daunting.

The few times I have tried to do social media, it was like an explosion of facts about people I didn't really want to know. I'm not saying that people didn't interest me, but I felt like Holden Caufield and they all seemed fake. Maybe I'm just old fashion, I like to get to know people a little at at time. Watching as our friendship blossoms =)

Hopefully I will have better luck this time. If you have any tips or secrets on how to do social media as an introvert, please do share.

Questions of  the Week: Which social media do you like to use? If you're an introvert how to do handle social media?

A little random fun for cat lovers

A New Blog Series- My Quest to become a Best-selling author

After three years of writing and editing (and rewriting and more editing) I published my first novel two weeks ago. I celebrated the occasion by buying Barefoot Sparkling Rose wine and baking a cake. I for sure thought it would be the start of something momentous (I had a secret hope that my novel would sell a bunch of copies and be an instant hit =) but after two weeks and two book sales (one of which was my supportive fiance) the obvious truth has dawn on my optimistic heart, my adventure is just beginning.

With this is mind I'm starting a new blog series, My Quest to become a best-selling author. I want to document my journey as a newbie writer/author as I work towards becoming a best-selling author (and I'm aiming big, J.K. Rowlings and Stephen King big) so please follow along with me.

A Reader's Dilemma

Is there such a thing as too much reading?

I'm an avid reader. Part of what drew me to writing was reading. I'm not really picky about genres, I enjoy reading different types of stories. I do tend to avoid gritty or dark books (those were for my younger years). In any case, I love devouring stories.

Reading is good and fine, but I'm what you call a binge reader. I don't like to put the book down until it is done. And I guess that is okay for when you are on vacation, but in  real life I need to get other things done, like writing, cooking and basically living =)

I came up with two solutions to my problem:

My first solution is reading stay-cations. I give myself two or three days a month when I spend the whole day reading and snacking. Have you ever noticed that reading makes you hungry? (It might just be the books I read, hehe).

My second solution is short stories πŸ˜† I can read one of those bad boys during my lunch break or in the evenings. The idea came to me because I am taking a short story writing class. Part of my homework is to read short stories. Now that I think about it I really should of thought of this solution sooner especially because I love writing flash fiction. But anyway after discovering short stories I plan to read one once a day. I might even try to review some here. We shall see, sometimes I get really excited about things and then have them fizzle away.

So far I am enjoying being able to read while also having the time to write, cook, plan and work. Who knew short stories could be so satisfying?

Why goals can lead to failure.

I'm a planner. I love to do brain dumps to write out all my plans. On my bookshelf, there are notebooks filled with all my plans and goals.

The satisfaction of writing out all my ideas on those clean pages was as good as baking a sweet treat.
The problem was that after listing out all my goals, I didn't actually accomplish any.

I was missing the link/bridge between having a list of goals and actually achieving them. And thinking back on it now it should have been obvious- Action.

In many of the personal development books I have read, they all stress the importance of writing out your goals but I think they are missing a major key- the action that needs to be taken on a consistent basis.

It is important to know where you are heading but you also need the (practical) steps to get there.

There is also the problem of not having a clear path to your goals. This especially happens when the goals are big and new. What do you do then? I, like a lot of people, would wait until I knew more (taking classes and reading up on things) but that will only get you so far and can even stunt you.

I still do research and take classes but I also learned to take daily action.

My current goal is to become a best-selling writer. I have looked into how to achieve it and there are so many suggestions and recommendations as to how to go about it but simply put, in order for me to be a writer, I have to write. My daily action is writing.

We tend to forget the simple things we can do and instead focus on the large (sometimes overwhelming) weight of our goals.

That's why now although I love planning and goal creating, I put more emphasis on the simple (not necessarily easy) actions I can take daily.

Give it a try and see if it also works for you.

Can laziness be okay?

 In my last blog, I wrote a list of all the fun and creative things to do with this downtime. I was really excited and picked several of them to do myself, but then something happened, laziness overtook me.

It has been several weeks since I have been staying home and have yet to do anything productive. I feel like I am wasting this time since the most I have done is discovering new YouTube channels to watch (Do It On A Dime, Charmed Intuition, anyone?).  

For weeks I have been beating myself up for not doing enough, but today I realized that it is okay to relax and be lazy. In fact, I think this time is the perfect time for that.

So yes laziness can be okay.


This is my first blog. I always wanted to have a blog, but I was never sure what to write about ( I still don't). It took the current situation in the world to motivate me to write regardless of whether I have future content or not. However, I can't stay silent while I am surrounded by panic and fear.

I know that the circumstances right now are unstable and scary, but I believe in looking for the silver lining so I am looking at this pause as a chance to reconnect with myself, my dreams and my loved ones.

We live in a time that is fast-paced and our lives are so filled with responsibilities that there doesn't seem to be time to breathe. But now with Coronavirus and the quarantines/ shelter-ins, we have time to slow down.

My hope is that we take this time to create, to connect, to dream, to have fun, to play and to live our best life.