The Diary of a Late Bloomer

This page is dedicated to all things related to my novel, The Diary of a Late Bloomer.

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Hi this is Lo. Thanks for reading my story =)

Since you took the time to read about me I wanted to share with you three of my favorite things, food, manga and an octopus video =)

Here is my oatmeal coconut chocolate chip cookie recipe. I wanted to give my family a healthy treat (shhhh! don't tell them) so I came up with this recipe.

Here is my favorite manga. Most of the titles listed are funny and romantic, but Nana is not (it's one of those stories that haunts you, you've been warned =)

Lo's Top Ten Mangas (with links to synopsis)

10. Nana

Octopi Rock!!!


Hello, I'm Joan, the Oracle of the Flying Octopi. Lo asked me to share one of my tarot spreads. I chose the love one because that's usually the one that everyone asks me to read for them.


Hey, it's Britney. Lo begged me to share my shirt cutting tips with you. She kept insisting that I needed to share my genius with the world (and I agree) so here is an infographic that I made. You better like it.